Live & Inplay Betting Strategy Guide

When we talk about Live Football Betting strategy there is more than one thing that we need to consider. First and most important is definitely Betting Money Management. You will find many online guides and advices on  how to manage your betting money but rule of the thumb is to bet up to 5% of your allocated betting money on one bet. This amount is called “betting unit”.

For example, you have betting bank set at 100 euros. In this case your betting unit would be 5 euros. You should stick with this bet size until your betting bank increases to next level – until it doubles. At that point you will increase your betting unit to 10 euros. And so on. But this rule is not set in stone.

During the years I’ve met many people who like to deposit sums which they want to spend betting during that particular day. For example, you have 20 euros and you’ve decided to spend ’em betting today and you would play with 5 euros stakes. And this is completely okay and legitimate. At the end of the day this money management is completely up to you but it was appropriate to mention safest live betting money management strategy.

Live & Inplay Football Betting Staking

In this part of Live Football Betting strategy individual preferences come even more in play. There are two main types of inplay or live football betting: one in which you bet one betting unit on every game and the other, in which you roll over your previous winnings and bet them on the next game. Both types of live betting have their pros and cons but the main difference between these two is that first one is safer while the second live betting type is more profitable. You will choose one or the other depending on your personal betting profile. 

In first example, you decided to bet with 5 euros unit on every game. With average odds of 1.35 after 5 straight winning inplay bets you will have 33.75 euros in your bank, or to be precise, you will have 8.75 euros profit. If you decide to roll over your winnings and to bet everything you win on the next game after same 5 winning bets you will have profit of 17.4 euros.

It is obvious that the second type of live betting is more profitable but the difference comes in play when you lose your bet. And it depends at what point you had a loosing bet.

For example, if you bet with set bet unit when you lose the 4th bet you will lose 5 euros you staked but you will keep the profits from the first three bets you made. Profit in first three bet was 5.25 euros, so at the end you are still in the green with profit of 0.25 euros. With roll over betting after a loss in the 4th bet you would be down 5 euros sharp. 

No matter how clear and how obvious is that first type of betting is safer and better on the long run sports bettors just love to roll over their live betting wins and to set different goals for their inplay betting. These types of live betting are also known as live betting challenges.

Live & Inplay Football Betting Challenge

If you are not new to live and inplay football betting then you have probably heard about Live Football Betting Challenges from inplay football tipsters. The most popular live betting challenges are €25 to €100 challenge and €15 to €150 challenge. The bottom line in both of these challenges is that you start with one amount and roll it over until you reach previously set amount.


You can also create your own InPlay betting strategy by using a tool like

€25 to €100 Live Betting Challenge

€25 to €100 Live Football Betting Challenge is basically about successfully hitting the odds of 4 with multiple rolled-over smaller bets. You start with €25 (or any other amount for that matter) bet and roll it over until you reach the set goal.

€15 to €150 Live Betting Challenge

Same as in €25 to €100 Challenge the goal of €15 to €150 Live Football Betting Challenge is to reach previously set goal, in this case the odds of 10. So, you start with €15 (or any other preferred stake) and rollover the winnings util you multiply your starting bet by 10.